Simple Bicycle Repair shows you with simple step-by-step instructions how to fix, adjust and maintain your bike. Most simple repairs need only simple tools, and many require no or few tools! In every case, the tools you need will be listed. Remember a properly maintained bike will be more fun to ride. Remember the pros who ride in the Tour de France and other big races have a team of mechanics who tear down and rebuild the racing bikes every evening. What does this mean for you? The more expensive your bike and the more you ride, the more maintenance you need to do.

The how-to's on this website are for a bike that is in good mechanical condition. If your bike is not in good shape, you'll need to find a more detailed set of instructions or take your bike to your local bike shop. As you are reading about bicycle repair, you'll find that "local bike shop" is often abbreviated "LBS". Remember your local bike shop is a good place to get advice. Go there buy supplies and ask how to use them.

TowpathGuy does most of his bike riding on the towpath of the Main Canal of the D&R Canal State Park in central NJ. This is essentially a dirt road through the woods -- yes, even in New Jersey! The conditions are generally flat, dusty and dry. Most of the items in this website are focused on the needs of these conditions and the general rider who commutes and also rides for recreation.

This website is under construction. Expect one step-by-step how-to to be added per week.